New venue for the month of August

Linden Street Brewery needed to unexpectedly use the room we normally meet in and so that room is temporarily unavailable. Since it didn’t look like they would reliably have it available for the August meeting we’ve temporarily moved the meeting to the gracious hosts, Ale Industries. We’re planning to begin meeting again at Linden Street come September if the room is free by then.

The meeting will have a special presentation on cider making, as cider season is coming up soon.

Separate from the temporary venue change for August, the officers have been chatting about the notion of seeing if there would be a better place to meet. This is in an early exploratory phase of conversation and the membership will be carefully consulted if we see an opportunity for a different venue. Linden Street continues to be fully supportive of BAM and happy to host us, we’ve just been considering if there was a location with better facilities to make club meetings more enjoyable