Author: Brian Boshes

September 2015 Meeting

Hey BAMers!  Thursday Sept 10th is the September members’ meeting for BAM, and this month the presentation is featuring Jason Davis talking about Kettle Souring.  If you’re not familiar with this method, this is a way to make sour beers in

August 2015 Meeting

Hey Mashers! This month’s meeting Patrick be sharing and talking about a beer that ties together a lot of threads from past meetings. It’s a session IPA that was clarified with biofine.Patrick will hopefully bring one or two others to pass

Style of the Quarter – Q3 2015

At our July meeting, we announced the winers of the Q2 Style of the Quarter (SOQ), the “Rye” Challenge: 1st place: James Duerr for his “Rye Bite” American Rye bee 2nd place: Patrick Bennett and Brian Buckingham for their American Rye

July 2015 Meeting

For the July meeting, Lee will be presenting on how to make a smoke beer, which happens to be the upcoming Style of the Quarter. This is also a special meeting as it’s the once a year meeting where we all

June 2015 Meeting

The June BAM meeting on the 11th will feature a presentation by Paul Keefer on the topic of “Tips and Techniques for Brewing in a Drought”. Topics will include conserving water (efficient cooling/no-chill/ways to reuse the water), water filtration/alternate water

May 2015 Meeting

Hey BAMers! Fresh off of our talk on session beers, we’ve got another great presentation scheduled for the club in May. As some of you may know, we have a couple barrel projects that are currently underway in the club,

Style of the Quarter – Q2 2015

Rye Beer! Hey all – the votes are in, and Rye came away as the clear favorite when selecting the special ingredient for this round of SOQ.  Here are a few more details so you can start your brew planning:

English Pale SOQ Winners

For those not at last month’s meeting, please join me in congratulating our winners of the English Pale SOQ.  With 18 entries from the club, there was some quite stiff competition, and many great beers. 1st place:  Zack Bassett (and

April 2015 Meeting

Hey BAMers, just in time for Session Fest, we’ve lined up a excellent (and appropriate) talk for this month’s meeting. We’re very lucky to have Mike “Tasty” McDole from the homebrewing club DOZE (and BAM) come talk about session beers

March 2015 Meeting

Hello BAMers!  As per the results of last month’s survey, BAM now has a permanent home for its meetings (at least for as far as we can see in the future) at Faction Brewing in Alameda (2501 Monarch Street, Alameda, CA