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I’m moving to Europe and I’m not taking any of my homebrew equipment with me. :’-( I have a couple of ads on craigslist, selling my single faucet kegerator, my 240 volt electric BIAB system from High Gravity, and other …

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Hello All! I would like to announce The Clarksville Carboys second installation in our Limited Edition Competition series. This Edition will be everything Porter and Stout. We built this competition on high quality judging by limiting entries (40) and focused …

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I have one corney keg where the hole is sort of rectangular (picture1), as opposed to a true oval like picture 2. It has a Home Brew Supply sticker in the side but I don’t see anything like that on …

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Hey all, I’m moving and need to clear out a bunch homebrewing supplies. Carboys, kegs, SS ferment bucket, kettle, boxes of goodies (refractometer, sanitizers, bottle caps, carboy warmer, syphon, etc), growlers. I would like for someone to take everything, if …

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