Style of the Quarter

The Style of the Quarter (SOQ) is an internal homebrew competition run for and by members of BAM, four times a year. The style is announced usually in the quarter before they are scheduled to be judged to give everyone a chance to craft something to enter.

The entries are judged by a mixture of BAM officers, members, and BJCP certified judges. Beers are judged based on the BJCP styleguide and score sheets.

Entries should consist of two, 12oz capped bottles. Make sure they are clean (this is a point category on the BJCP scoring sheet) and labeled appropriately. Here is the official label that you can print and attach to your bottles: 

The drop-off for entries is usually at Oak Barrel Wine Craft in Berkeley unless otherwise stated. Also, please don’t submit any swing top bottles as most likely you won’t get the bottles back from the judging.

Have a suggestion for an upcoming style? Notify the officers since the chosen styles are based off of the members interests.

Current 2016 First Quarter SOQ – Select Scottish Ales and Irish Red

first Style of the Quarter for 2017 is for Select Scottish Ales and Irish Red Ales (BJCP 14a-c, 15a, 17c Presentation slides are available on the BAM website meeting minutes for January 2017 – Bay Area Mashers Homebrew Club

These entries will be judged in the World Cup of Beer competition that our club hosts. Entries should follow the regular WCoB entry guidelines found at
To be eligible, you must have a current BAM membership and you must register your entries as related to club BAM. Winners will be determined by overall score, possibly, but not necessarily in a head-to-head tasting by the same judges (it can get complicated).

Past SOQs