BAM is a homebrewing club with a membership based in the Northern California East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley area) that was formed in June 1990. Our main goals are to promote homebrewing and brewing better beer and to have fun while doing it. Many of our members are all-grain brewers, but we welcome all brewers wanting to learn.

New venue for the month of August

Sad news everyone, but we can no longer use the meeting room at Linden Street Brewery for our monthly meeting. We knew that this was coming, but apparently Linden Street had to move up the timeline for when this was happening. We are currently in the process of finding a location for our August 14th meeting.

Whoops, a bit of a confusion in our lines of communication. No sad news to report. Lindend Street Brewery needed to unexpectedly use the room we normally meet in and so that room is temoprarily unavailable. Since it didn’t look like they would reliably have it available for the August meeting we’ve temporarily moved the meeting to the gracious hosts, Ale Industries. We’re planning to begin meeting again at Linden Street come September if the room is free by then.

The meeting will have a special presentation on cider making, as cider season is coming up soon.

Watch your email for details about the upcoming location. We may be trying on a couple places until we find our new permanent home. We ultimately hope this will be a good thing for the club, allowing us to evaluate a couple places in the East Bay before settling down again. Who knows, we may settle even closer to your house, making it possible to wander home from social hour even easier in the future…

Seperate from the temporary venue change for August, the officers have been chatting about the notion of seeing if there would be a better place to meet. This is in an early exploratory phase of conversation and the membership will be carefully consulted if we see an opportunity for a different venue. Linden Street continues to be fully supportive of BAM and happy to host us, we’ve just been considering if there was a location with better facilities to make club meetings more enjoyable.

UPDATE: We’re going to Ale Industries in Oakland next Thursday, the 14th. It’s conveniently located a skip and a jump from the Fruitvale BART station for everyone that can’t/won’t/shouldn’t drive to the meeting. They have around 30 seats, so if you’re able to bring a chair to the meeting, even better. Don’t forget your glass!

Ale Industries
3096 E 10th St
Oakland, CA 94601

Style of the Quarter Winners – Q2 2014

Hello BAM’ers,

The winners of the Black and White IPA (Style of the Quarter) SOQ are as follows:

  • 1st place : Pattrick Bennett (White IPA)
  • 2nd place: Douglas Smith (Black IPA)
  • 3rd place: James Prescott (Black IPA)

From Justin, our outgoing president:

“This was a hard competition since the exact styles for these beers hasn’t been pinned down yet. Despite this the entries were rather good and everyone who entered did a great job crafting some very tasty brews!”

There were no leftovers at this tasting, which was a good sign!

Coming up is our Bock competition for Q3, but if you haven’t started your beer back when it was announced, you’re unfortunately not going to make it (unless you’ve figured out how to brew Bock beer in a new, sped up manner).

Since we’ve already cycled through many of the beer styles that our club likes to brew, we’re thinking of SOQ styles that we need to revisit. Tell you local board member if you have any ideas or requests.

Brew in a bag *BIAB* presentation is now up!

A big thanks to Adam Wyss from DOZE for coming down this month to give us an awesome presentation on Brew in a Bag brewing. For those of you that missed this months presentation, you can check out the slides here.

How to grow hops

Many thanks to Justin for the slide deck and Janine and Ian for presenting last night. Here are the slides if you missed it or would like to read more details.

Black and White IPAs

Check out the presentation from March on Black and White IPAs.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at Linden Street Brewery in Oakland, CA on the second Thursday of the month. Social starts at 7:00pm, meeting starts at 7:30pm. Please bring a glass and a chair.

General Meeting Information

BAM (Bay Area Mashers) used to meet at Linden Street Brewery on the second Thursday of each month (We're in the process of looking for a new home, stay tuned). Meetings start at 7:30pm, but members and guests are encouraged to come at 7:00 to talk shop and socialize. As always, pot luck snacks are more than welcome, and be sure to bring a glass for tasting and some homebrew (store bought beer is okay, too) to share.