BAM is a non-profit homebrewing club with a membership based in the Northern California East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley area) that was formed in June 1990. Our goal is to promote and foster the art and science of brewing quality beer in the home and to have fun doing it.

Featured News & Updates

August 2015 Meeting

Hey Mashers! This month’s meeting Patrick be sharing and talking about a beer that ties together a lot of threads from past meetings. It’s a session IPA that was clarified with biofine.Patrick will hopefully bring one or two others to pass around as well to compare differences in grists and techniques. If you have a session beer on tap bring some to share and include in the discussion. See you all Thursday!

Style of the Quarter – Q3 2015

At our July meeting, we announced the winers of the Q2 Style of the Quarter (SOQ), the “Rye” Challenge:

  • 1st place: James Duerr for his “Rye Bite” American Rye bee
  • 2nd place: Patrick Bennett and Brian Buckingham for their American Rye Stout
  • 3rd place: Gilbert Guerrero for his “California Rye” California Common beer

Congratulations  to the winner!

­ Brian Buckingham, our SOQ coordinator, also  introduced the third quarter challenge, Smoked Beers! For those at the July meeting, you heard Lee Shepard talk about smoked beers, and tried a few samples, so are a leg up on the competition. For the rest, you can read the slides here.

For this competition, you can enter any BJCP category of beer, so long as it incorporates smoked malt.

Due date will be first Thursday in September (the 3rd), with entries being dropped off at the Oak Barrel in Berkeley.

Start thinking through recipe and schedule brew day soon, as smoked beers almost always benefit from a longer period of mellowing. If you can’t wait to try all these amazing creation, be sure to volunteer for the judging sessions when Brian sends out the email. All experiences of judges (from novice to advances) are welcome, and it’s a great way to get a “taste” for the world of beer judging.

Style of the Quarter – Q2 2015

Rye Beer!

Hey all – the votes are in, and Rye came away as the clear favorite when selecting the special ingredient for this round of SOQ.  Here are a few more details so you can start your brew planning:

Comp info:

  • Make the best darn beer with rye in it that you can!
  • Pick any style you like, and incorporate rye however you’d like, and in whatever quantity seems best.
  • Entries will be judged against both 1) the base style specified; and 2) the nature of the rye character in your beer.

Comp timing:

Entries due to Oak Barrel no later than Thursday, June 4th.  Brewing sometime in the next 3 weeks will be the prudent approach.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at Faction Brewing in Alameda, CA on the second Thursday of the month. Social starts at 7:00pm, meeting starts at 7:30pm.

General Meeting Information

BAM (Bay Area Mashers) monthly meetings are on the second Thursday of each month. Meetings start at 7:30pm, but members and guests are encouraged to come at 7:00 to talk shop and socialize. As always, pot luck snacks are more than welcome, and be sure to bring a glass for tasting and some homebrew (store bought beer is okay, too) to share.

Style of the Quarter

Submissions for the next Style of the Quarter, Rye Challenge, are due Thursday June 4th at Oak Barrel so make sure to brew by the weekend of May 2nd and 3rd. Congratulations to our winners for the last SOQ (English Pale).