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Why Join?

The Bay Area Mashers is a non-profit social club established to “promote and foster the art and science of brewing quality beer in the home”. By joining you get a bunch of benefits :

  • Access to the monthly club meeting in which club members and outside presenters give technical presentations on all aspects of homebrewing
  • Critique and advice on your homebrewed beer from BJCP ranked judges at the monthly meetings
  • Access to the club mailing list where members ask questions, give advice, buy and sell gear, and discuss homebrewing
  • The ability to participate in group buys of everything from whiskey barrels to keg gaskets
  • Invites to bay area beer events like the Annual Multi-Club Picnic, World Cup of Beer, Oaktoberfest, Anchor Brewing Holiday Party, Northern California Homebrewers Festival, pub crawls and outings
  • Discounts at local businesses