Style of the Quarter

The Style of the Quarter (SOQ) is a friendly, internal homebrew competition run for and by members of BAM, four times a year. The style is announced usually in the quarter before they are scheduled to be judged to give everyone a chance to craft something to enter.

The entries are judged by a mixture of BAM officers, members, and BJCP certified judges. Beers are judged based on the BJCP styleguide and score sheets.

Rules & Entry:

Entries should consist of two clean appropriately labeled 12oz capped bottles. The official label that you can print can be downloaded here: Use rubber bands to attach the labels to the bottles so they can be removed before judging. Having the bottles (including caps) indistinguishable from other members submissions helps for impartial unbiased blind judging.

The drop-off for entries is usually at Oak Barrel Wine Craft in Berkeley unless otherwise stated. Also, please don’t submit any swing top bottles as most likely you won’t get the bottles back from the judging.


1st place is awarded a $50 gift card to OakBarrel. 2nd place gets a $30 gift card, and 3rd place gets a $20 gift card.

Have a suggestion for an upcoming style? Notify the officers since the chosen styles are based off of the members interests.

SOQ 2022 2nd Quarter: Brewing with Girl Scout Cookies

Do you already miss girl scout cookies? Well now’s the time to immortalize your cookie craving by brewing a beer to play off the flavor of your favorite girl scout cookie!
Thanks to Greg for inspiring the challenge and for his presentation that you can find here which has plenty of ideas to consider, such as the following:

  • Pastry Stout made with Samoas (Carmel, Chocolate & Coconut) 
  • Hefe with Lemon-ups
  • Peanut Butter Porter
  • Bock Shortbread
  • what else can you come up with?

Need to secure some cookies? Buy/reserve your cookies here.

Develop a recipe or find one online Submit three (3) bottles:

  • One will be used for judging with scores and feedback
  • One will be used for finals judging: a mini-BOS to occur live during the July meeting
  • One will be shared with membership during July BAM meeting

Due date: June 25th (End of day/closing) by delivering to: 

  • Oak Barrel in Berkeley
  • Ian’s share box in South Berkeley
  • (or reach out to me if you’re having trouble with those dropoff points)

Label should be attached to bottles with rubber band. Must include:

  • Base beer
  • Must declare which cookie type was used/attempted

Valid Entries:

  • Any Beer made with Girl Scout Cookies as an ingredient
  • Any Beer which successfully resembles the flavor of any style of Girl Scout Cookie

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