Your 2016/2017 officers


Jon Sheehan

Vice President

Ian Carswell


Neil Topliffe

Technical Coordinators

Paul Keefer

I started brewing when I was in college. My older brother was taking a graduate
level chemistry class at Portland State “ Chemistry of Winemaking”. One section
of the class involved the chemical processes of making beer. I borrowed the recipe
that was the class assignment for that section and made a batch of beer to give to
friends and family for Christmas. I designed and printed labels for the bottles.
It was a pretty successful present so I started brewing on a regular basis. As can
happen with hobbies, I got very involved in the process and 40 years later I’m still brewing.

ianwillisIan Willis

Over 25 years ago my wife bought me a starter home brew kit. I had a boil over on my second batch and got kicked out of the kitchen. I upgraded to a ten gallon system and have been brewing on the deck ever since then. My favorite beers to brew are porters and stouts. I just recently upgraded to a digital all grain system; prior to that I was brewing partial mash extract batches. I entered my first competition in 1998 at the small brewers festival in Mountain View. We have a great garden with hops and lots of fruit trees that make great additions to beers and meads. I have done a few barrel aged beers and look forward to expanding the barrel aged brewing. I joined BAM in 2012 and have learned a lot about brewing and more importantly made new friends that also love the brewing hobby.

Social Coordinators

tracy-arrowsmithTracy Arrowsmith

I’ve been brewing for 2 years. I have a partial mash/Extract set-up at home but
I’ve assisted in all-grain brews. I go straight to keg. I like to brew porters
but I also like to experiment. I’d like to try a mead next. I’ll probably move
to all-grain, eventually.

Style of the Quarter Coordinator

Jon Sheehan



erikwpipeErik Gilling

I’ve been brewing off and on for over 10 years and am a confirmed gearhead. My most recent kick started three years ago where I got bit hard. I approach homebrewing like all my hobbies: find places that don’t have enough transistors and fix that. I’m currently re-designing my brew rig’s electronics and learning to TIG weld so I can build a shiny stainless brew stand. Home brewing: the great meta-hobby.

Executive Committee Members

The executive committee is made up of five people, some of whom are mentioned above as they hold other officer positions as well. The executive committee is

  • Jon Sheehan
  • Ian Carswell
  • Neil Topliffe
  • Gene Wood
  • Matt Youngblut

matt_youngblutMatthew Youngblut

I’ve been brewing beer and making wine for 4 years now. These days I brew all-
grain on my gas kitchen stove with electric RIMS for mashing. I have two 10
gallon kettles (HLT and Boil Kettle) and one 15 gallon kettle (Mash Tun), which
allows me to do 11 gallon partigyle batches. I usually brew Belgian styles,
hoppy beers, and sours, but I will brew any ale if the inspiration strikes me.

Gene WoodGene Wood

In 2009 I started brewing with my good friend Christine. We did one extract
batch and then moved straight to all-grain. We started out brewing in her back
yard in SF and then moved to my back yard when I moved to the East Bay. I like
IPAs, Belgians, Saisons, Weissbiers, Barleywines, Bocks, Imperial Stouts and am
working at getting into other styles all the time. I joined BAM in 2011 and
started to see how other people brew. I make 10 gallon batches in 3 gravity fed
keggles with a single propane burner. I keg into Corny kegs and fit 4 in my
Keezer. I use pool water to cool my wort with a sump pump. I’ve got about 10 hop
plants in the back yard but haven’t brewed with their harvest yet.

Descriptions of Club Officer positions

Officers hold their position for a twelve month period, until a meeting to elect
new officers is held.


  1. Conduct regular club meetings.
  2. Preside over executive committee meetings, conferences or special actions.
  3. Present initiatives and ideas for club activities.
  4. Delegate club business to appropriate officers.
  5. Speak on behalf of the club and/or executive committee for any actions decided upon under ethical review.

Vice President

Support the efforts of the President. In the absence of the President, preside
over executive committee meetings, conferences or special actions.


  1. Either attend all monthly member meetings or delegate a member to act as Secretary at any monthly meeting which the Secretary can not attend.
  2. Take notes at the monthly member meetings and share those notes with the entire membership after the monthly meeting electronically.

Social Events Coordinator

  1. Generate ideas for special, social or party events.
  2. Coordinate or delegate members to implement club activities and programs.

Typically, this includes the annual multi-club picnic in August, a few club
brewout gatherings, the December holiday party, and whatever other gatherings
outside of the regular club meetings sound good.

Technical Events Coordinator

  1. Generate ideas for activities and events during the general meetings once per month.
  2. Coordinate or delegate members to implement the normal monthly club activities and programs, including the four Style of the Quarter presentations per year.

Style of the Quarter Coordinator

  1. Work with Officers and Members to determine focus of each Style of the Quarter contest.
  2. Work with Technical Coordinator to arrange presentation related to Style of the Quarter topic.
  3. Coordinate communications to members regarding the contest, including relevant dates and contest details.
  4. Coordinate judging of Style of the Quarter entries, including pick up of entries from Oak Barrel, cataloging of entries in preparation for judging, arrangement of judges and judging time / location, tabulation of final results, and returning completed scoresheets to entering members.
  5. Announce Style of the Quarter winners, and coordinate with Oak Barrel to ensure gift certificates are sent appropriately.


  1. Keeps this website running and posts information for club members to download.

Knowledge of web design, HTML, and WordPress are good but not necessarily
crucial, as well as a desire to add new functionality to the website as needed.