BAM is a non-profit homebrewing club with a membership based in the Northern California East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley area) that was formed in June 1990. Our goal is to promote and foster the art and science of brewing quality beer in the home and to have fun doing it.

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SOQ 2019 Q4: Limitations Brewing

For this SOQ we have chosen a small selection of ingredients with which to design your recipe. Limitations Brewing is finding creativity within a defined set of criteria. The style or direction you take it is up to you! For Nick’s October presentation, click here.

Use only American base malts (2-row, Pale, pilsner, light DME/LME)
Plus Vienna Malt and/or Munich Malt (no caramel malts)
May add flaked maize/corn
May add corn sugar

Use only Willamette, Northern Brewer, and/or Cascade

Use only clean-fermenting ale or lager yeasts.
WLP001 American Ale Yeast or equivalent (Wyeast 1056, US-05)
WLP800 Pilsner lager yeast or other clean lager yeasts
WLP029 German Ale/ Kölsh yeast, or WLP080 Cream Ale

This SOQ is a PEOPLES CHOICE competition. To enter you must bring a keg to our annual Holiday party in December. This mean each attendee will vote on what they liked best. You can technically participate without a keg, but you might be limited in your votes if you run out!

And, Robert Ayasse kindly donated his previous winnings to pay out a 4th and 5th place at $15 each. That’s right, 5 chances to subsidize your homebrew costs for this one.

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2019 Q3 Style of the Quarter: Extinct Beers and Rarities

Congratulations to our winners:
1st: Steve Studebaker with a Mannheimer Braunbier brewed with juniper and ginger
2nd: Robert Ayasse with a Gruit called Hiveway 13 Gruit, brewed with Juniper Berries, Myrica Gale, Rosemary, Cardamon, Bay Leaves, Yarrow, Quassia, Local honey, no hops, and no psychoactives 
3rd: Randy Guerrero with an Adambier, brewed with Belgian Pale, C40, Munich, Peat smoke, chocolate, black patent, Northern Brewer & Tettnang, Wyeast ESB & Scottish Ale, 8.5%
Honorable Mention: Simon Mathieu with an Adambier aged on French Oak

Competition/challenge details:
For this SOQ we will be doing something a little different.

These beers (mostly) fall outside of BJCP Guidelines. Look up a suitable recipe online and feel free to be very creative and adaptive – almost anything goes with these so long as you consider your brewing parameters: ABV, OG, FG, IBUs. Click here for Jason Davis’ July meeting presentation.

This SOQ will be due to OakBarrel on Friday, Sept. 20th with 2 labeled bottles. Please include YOUR NAME and the STYLE OF BEER with SPECIAL INGREDIENTS indicated.

Try brewing one!

  • Adambier
  • Berliner Braunbier
  • Broyhan
  • Brunswick Mum
  • Burton Ale
  • Cervoise
  • Colne Spring Ale
  • Dampfbier
  • Dolo
  • Gose
  • Gotlandsdricke
  • Gruit
  • Hoppenbier
  • Horner Bier
  • Joppenbier
  • Keptinis Alus
  • Kottbusser
  • Kuyt
  • Kvass
  • Leann Fraoch (Heather Ale)
  • Maize Chicha
  • Mannheimer Braunbier
  • Mersburger Bier
  • Pennsylvania Swankey
  • Pivo Grodziskie
  • Princesse Bier
  • Purl
  • Sahti
  • Schoeps
  • Vossaøl
  • Devon White Ale
  • Farrnbacher Bier
  • Seef Bier
  • Schwedisches Bier
  • Peeterman
  • Black Cork
  • Weinartiges Weißbier

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