Style of the Quarter – Q3 2015

At our July meeting, we announced the winers of the Q2 Style of the Quarter (SOQ), the “Rye” Challenge:

  • 1st place: James Duerr for his “Rye Bite” American Rye bee
  • 2nd place: Patrick Bennett and Brian Buckingham for their American Rye Stout
  • 3rd place: Gilbert Guerrero for his “California Rye” California Common beer

Congratulations  to the winner!

­ Brian Buckingham, our SOQ coordinator, also  introduced the third quarter challenge, Smoked Beers! For those at the July meeting, you heard Lee Shepard talk about smoked beers, and tried a few samples, so are a leg up on the competition. For the rest, you can read the slides here.

For this competition, you can enter any BJCP category of beer, so long as it incorporates smoked malt.

Due date will be first Thursday in September (the 3rd), with entries being dropped off at the Oak Barrel in Berkeley.

Start thinking through recipe and schedule brew day soon, as smoked beers almost always benefit from a longer period of mellowing. If you can’t wait to try all these amazing creation, be sure to volunteer for the judging sessions when Brian sends out the email. All experiences of judges (from novice to advances) are welcome, and it’s a great way to get a “taste” for the world of beer judging.