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2017 SOQ 3 – Collaboration Challenge (5SRM or less, use Golden Naked Oats)

Collaboration with BAM member you don’t normally brew with Brew a beer with 5 SRM or less Must use Golden Naked Oats (GNO) And the winners are congratulations to the winners! 1st (Matt Youngblut) 2nd (Neil Topliffe) 3rd (Nick Facciola more »

2017 SOQ 4 – Specialty IPA

Specialty IPA Style of the Quarter competition was a huge success with multiple keg entries. Winners were: 1st – Jason Davis (NEIPA) 2nd – Caleb Shaffer (NEIPA) 3rd – Theo Rohr (Session IPA)

2018 SOQ 3 – Farmhouse Ales: Grisette, Saison, Bière de Garde

These farmhouse ales include Grisette, Saison, and Bière de Garde. See the presentation by Nick Facciola, as presented during the club meeting: Farmhouse Ales Due at OakBarrel by Thursday, October 4th.

2018 SOQ 2 – European Wheat and Rye Beers (collaboration)

Congratulations to the 2018 SOQ2 European Wheat and Rye beer winners! 1st place: Peter Kranz and Ashley Berg 2nd place: Steve Haas, Star, Melana, and Kelsey 3rd place: Adam Bradley and Brian McVey Thanks for participating, Jon

2018 SOQ 1 – Amber Hybrid Beers

Here are the results for the first SOQ winners of 2018: 1st place : Stephen Haas – California Common 2nd Place : Neil Toplief – California Common 3rd Place : Robert Ayasse – Altbier First Place wins a $50 Oak more »

2017 SOQ 2 – Hazy IPAs with Sea Salt

Hey BAMers!  Here is the information for the next Style of the Quarter competition in conjunction with Barebottle, Hazy IPAs with Sea Salt.  For those of you who weren’t at the meeting last night, Barebottle is a relatively new brewery more »

April BAM Members Meeting – Thursday April 13th

Hi BAMers!  In addition to the info from Gene, this Thursday’s meeting will feature a talk about the next SOQ from Lester Koga from Barebottle in SF.  This SOQ style will be Hazy IPA with Sea Salt featuring local ingredients.  more »

2017 SOQ1 – Select Scottish Ales and Irish Red

So the first Style of the Quarter for 2017 is for Select Scottish Ales and Irish Red Ales (BJCP 14a-c, 15a, 17c  Presentation slides are available on the BAM website meeting minutes for January 2017 – Bay Area Mashers more »

2016 Fourth Quarter SOQ – Old / Stock Ale

Old Ales are category 17B in the BJCP Guidelines. Please Note: This is a keg competition to be judged, by popular vote, at the BAM Christmas party on Saturday, December 10th.  If you bottle condition your beers, those are also more »

Q3 SOQ – Fruit Beers.

This quarter’s style of the quarter is fruit beers.  Fruit beers are category 29 and 28C (Wild Specialty Beer) in the BJCP Guidelines. As usual, beers are due at Oak Barrel the first Thursday of the last month of the more »