December SOQ Winners

Please join me in congratulating the winners of the IPA SOQ – who were the top 3 vote getters at Saturday’s BAM holiday party:

  1. Caleb Shaffer
  2. Brian Buckingham
  3. Matt and Liz Youngblut
Thanks to everyone who participated – 22 different IPAs available for tasting was quite the scene!  For those that may have had a different favorite, I thought I would provide the names of the brewers behind each beer (please excuse any spelling errors!):
  1. Matt and Liz Youngblut
  2. James Duerr
  3. Colin Randsdell
  4. Adam Bradley
  5. Ian Carswell
  6. Mark Slater
  7. James Reischultz
  8. Caleb Shaffer
  9. Arslan M
  10. Brian Buckingham
  11. Dan H.
  12. Chris M.
  13. Theo Rohr
  14. Mike Charlton
  15. Jon Sheehan
  16. Fernando Gonzalez
  17. Ben Mosher
  18. Ben Mosher
  19. Tim Milliken
  20. Rob Smith
  21. Owen Imholte
  22. Scott Davidson
Cheers – and stay tuned for more info on the contest for next quarter!
BAM SOQ Coordinator