Style of the Quarter – Q1 2016

The results are in for our next SOQ, and the Stout category came away with a resounding victory!  Here are the details:
  • Like last year, we will be combining the Q1 SOQ with World Cup – enter your beers into World Cup as normal, and be sure to note BAM as your club on the registration
    • No reimbursements this year – but trust me, the high quality feedback alone will be worth your entry fee, and you’ll have the chance to win it back with our SOQ awards!
  • We’ll define ‘Stouts’ as anything in either Categories 14 or 15 in the new, 2016 BJCP Style Guidelines.  This includes quite a few options:
    • Irish Stout
    • Irish Extra Stout
    • Sweet Stout
    • Oatmeal Stout
    • Tropical Stout
    • Foreign Extra Stout
    • American Stout
    • Imperial Stout
  • Top 3 highest scoring beers in any of these categories will be awarded the standard SOQ Oak Barrel gift card prizes (50/30/20)
  • MARCH 9th – a date to remember as the registration / drop-off deadline. Make sure to check out the World Cup website for all the relevant details: competition-details
Happy brewing!