2017 SOQ 2 – Hazy IPAs with Sea Salt

Hey BAMers!  Here is the information for the next Style of the Quarter competition in conjunction with Barebottle, Hazy IPAs with Sea Salt.  For those of you who weren’t at the meeting last night, Barebottle is a relatively new brewery in SF that tries to focus on local ingredients in their beers. They’ve had two previous competitions with SFHG that have yielded them great results, so now they’re opening it up to BAM and the Mad Z’s in addition to SFHG.  The competition rules are:

  • Must use Gigayeast 054 Vermont Ale.  Gigayeast is selling participants in this SOQ discounted packs of this yeast at only $4.80 each!  We set up a Tilt campaign to collect orders for these.  Please use this link: https://www.tilt.com/tilts/gigayeast-054-vermont-ale-packs-barebottle-comp.  Tilt works by collecting everyone’s orders and then charges you when the campaign ends, which in this case is 11:59PM PST on April 18th (next Tuesday).  We will then have the packs for BAMers shipped to Oak Barrel where people can pick them up.
  • Must use salt.  Lester gave good tips on this last night, but the main point is to be careful because it can be very easy to overdo it.
  • Entries are due on Thursday, June 1st at Oak Barrel in Berkeley by closing time.  We will then judge these beers the next week and the top two scoring beers will be sent to Barebottle for final judging (in addition to the normal SOQ prizes of gift certificates to Oak Barrel).
The winning beers from all 3 clubs will be brewed by Barebottle and put on tap in their tap room for public judging.  They will also send out kegs to select accounts in each club’s respective markets (e.g. Beer Rev will probably get a keg), so that we can try our club’s winning beer without having to drive into SF.  Lastly, the club beer that gets the most votes in the Barebottle tap room will be put into regular production!  Let’s win this!