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32# of dry grain hoisted from the rafters. 😅 Link to Facebook Post

Left; Toasted Vienna lager: FG 1.013 Right; unicorn fart: FG 1.012 Ready for kegging the lager and add glitter bottle the Unicorn Fart Citrus Pale Ale. The lager will clear up after aging 30 days, and the glitter will be …

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Not technical SOQ Q42019. But I want to go old school on the stove in the kitchen. Woot glitter beer wtf am I saying? Unicorn Fart! Link to Facebook Post

Another fun monthly meeting! We drank beer, heard about beer camp and October fest, and got to taste some great historical brews! Next style of the quarter: limitations. Link to Facebook Post

Ok let’s pour at Oaktoberfest. The crystal ale first pours from the keg. Next pints after we’re more muted in the haze and floating yeast Link to Facebook Post