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If you’re going to Oak Barrel Winecraft on Saturday, the 7thx for National Learn to Homebrew Day, I’ll be there for the 4PM ‘Tasty Toast’ with a couple of Crowlers of Tasty Mild I picked up for the toast. Come …

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Last into the barrel , what an experience. First pressure transfer also! Link to Facebook Post

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Williams Brewing special! They got a container of Castle Malt! $34.99/sack with Labor Day savings 15% off $39.99 for 25kg (55lb) sacks Link to Facebook Post

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Hey there brewers! Looking to upgrade your brew system? I have three 15.5 gallon kegs I’m looking to unload. 2 have the tops cut open as you can see in the pic. The third one has the top cut open …

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Last chance to score some Scottish Export. Link to Facebook Post

Hello! Husband is selling 2-tap kegerator and “fermentation chamber” which is a converted wine fridge since we are moving cross country. 2 Kegs included, gas tank is not. Selling the kegerator for $250 and wine fridge for $50. OBO. Located …

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