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Williams Brewing special! They got a container of Castle Malt! $34.99/sack with Labor Day savings 15% off $39.99 for 25kg (55lb) sacks Link to Facebook Post

Fyi Link to Facebook Post

Hey there brewers! Looking to upgrade your brew system? I have three 15.5 gallon kegs I’m looking to unload. 2 have the tops cut open as you can see in the pic. The third one has the top cut open …

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Last chance to score some Scottish Export. Link to Facebook Post

Hello! Husband is selling 2-tap kegerator and “fermentation chamber” which is a converted wine fridge since we are moving cross country. 2 Kegs included, gas tank is not. Selling the kegerator for $250 and wine fridge for $50. OBO. Located …

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Trying my luck on a Marzen/dunkel with Barke Munich and Viking a Cookie malt. Smells like biscuits and bread at mash. BIAB method this time. Hit perfect mash target 152F! Will update and edit later Link to Facebook Post

Anyone looking for Carboys? Link to Facebook Post

Anyone looking to crush their own malt? Link to Facebook Post

Shawn Ellis is selling a MoreBeer Digital Brewsculpture 10 gal (homebrew beer) for $2500 Shawn Ellis Link to Facebook Post

I rarely post, but this is worth it. []( Link to Facebook Post