Oaktoberfest German Beer Competition

Call for beer, judges, and stewards

Coming up on Saturday, October 4 is Oaktoberfest in the Dimond!  This local beer festival also includes a homebrew alley which is always one of the most popular areas of the festival.  B.A.M. will be setting up our tap board, and are looking for donations of kegs of beer to pour.  Donation of a keg & some time behind the taps gets you entry to the festival and a tasting glass (a $50 value).  Please reach out to me to coordinate pickup! Yes, we take both ball and pin lock.

In addition, The Mad Zymurgists are looking for help in judging the Oaktoberfest homebrew competition.  With this year’s exciting grand prize of having the winning beer brewed by 21st Amendment Brewery, we know they will need more judges & stewards than ever!

For information on entering the competition and all other information, please visit the madzymurgists.com Web site.


If you have experience as a judge, whether a BJCP judge or a novice judge, we can use your help for what will surely be a record for our annual competition.

If you have experience as a steward, we can use your help as well.  And if you would like to learn more about competitions and judging, pitching in as a new steward is a great way to learn more about how competitions and judging works.  It’s fun, informative, and easy!

If you can help out as a judge or steward, please contact the Judge Coordinator, Jon Koerber at oaktoberfest@madzymurgists.com or jon@koerber.com.

Please provide:

1) Your Full Name
2) Your mobile telephone number
3) If you wish to help as a JUDGE or as a STEWARD (please include your BJCP number if judging)
4) Categories entered in the competition that you cannot judge
5) Categories in the competition you prefer to judge

For more information on Oaktoberfest, please see: http://www.oaktoberfest.org