Style of the Quarter – Fall 2014

Hey everyone! This month’s presentation will be on Belgian beers, which also happens to be our upcoming Style of the Quarter.

Our speaker, Kim Sturdavant, is the brewmaster at Social Kitchen and Brewery, which opened about four years ago. Kim previously worked at Marin Brewing for five years with Arne Johnson.

So come out out and learn about Belgians, then get ready to compete in the club’s quarterly competition. For those that haven’t entered an event before, this is a great opportunity to see how competitions works (we use the same scoresheets, get some early feedback on your next award winning recipe, or just an excuse to brew something new.

Here are some more details on the SOQ this month, from our SOQ coordinator, Brian Buckingham:

  • SOQ topic:  Belgian beers, including any style within BJCP categories 16, 17 or 18
  • Due Date:  Thursday, December 4th @ Oak Barrel
  • Last weekend to brew by:  Assuming you are bottle conditioning or force carbonating with the ‘set and forget’ method, plan to brew no later than the weekend of October 25 – 26. While there are exceptions to every rule, please keep in mind that most belgian styles will benefit from additional aging, especially those styles with a higher ABV point.
  • Contest judging will take place during the month of December, with winners announced at the January 2015 regular meeting.