2019 SOQ 1 – Dark European Lagers and Strong European Beers

It’s time to make dark and/or strong lagers! This SOQ is comprised of 5 types of beers that we don’t often find at your local brewpub:

  1. Munich Dunkel (8A)
  2. Schwarzbier (8B)
  3. Doppelbock (9A)
  4. Eisbock (9B)
  5. Baltic Porter (9C)

More information about these styles can be found here.

Winners to be announced shortly…

Here are the results of the first Style of the Quarter competition of 2019:

  • 1st Bob Davis with Zusatz Mittel, a Munich Dunkel
  • 2nd Steve Studebaker with a Baltic Porter
  • 3rd Adam Bradley with Deutsches BraunBier, a Munich Dunkel