SOQ 2019 Q4: Limitations Brewing

For this SOQ we have chosen a small selection of ingredients with which to design your recipe. Limitations Brewing is finding creativity within a defined set of criteria. The style or direction you take it is up to you! For Nick’s October presentation, click here.

Use only American base malts (2-row, Pale, pilsner, light DME/LME)
Plus Vienna Malt and/or Munich Malt (no caramel malts)
May add flaked maize/corn
May add corn sugar

Use only Willamette, Northern Brewer, and/or Cascade

Use only clean-fermenting ale or lager yeasts.
WLP001 American Ale Yeast or equivalent (Wyeast 1056, US-05)
WLP800 Pilsner lager yeast or other clean lager yeasts
WLP029 German Ale/ K├Âlsh yeast, or WLP080 Cream Ale

This SOQ is a PEOPLES CHOICE competition. To enter you must bring a keg to our annual Holiday party in December. This mean each attendee will vote on what they liked best. You can technically participate without a keg, but you might be limited in your votes if you run out!

And, Robert Ayasse kindly donated his previous winnings to pay out a 4th and 5th place at $15 each. That’s right, 5 chances to subsidize your homebrew costs for this one.