2020 4th Quarter – Black is Beautiful

Black Is Beautiful

Congratulations to our homebrew competition winners! This quarter was an excellent showing with 15 entries and they were quite competitive.

1st Place: Stephen Haas, American Stout
2nd Place: Sam Kopp, Schwarzbier
3rd Place: Julian Borrill, Imperial Stout


The style of the quarter Q4 will be as special one as it will go above and beyond our typical SOQ competitions.

The goal is to improve outreach and inclusion for Black people with regard to homebrewing and joining our awesome social club. BAM intends to share our passion for beer and interest in sharing something you can do solo, and especially during COVID-19 lockdown!

As we celebrate Black is Beautiful, we have several ways for our members to engage in the cause:

  1. SOQ competition will be held for beers that are black in color (SRM 40) but otherwise freestyle. 
    • All entrants will have a compulsory $10 entry fee (payment link), which will be retained for the collective BAM donation
    • All prize moneys will be retained for the collective BAM donation
    • For recipe inspiration, review the AHA official recipe here
  2. Members, independently of entries, may donate to the collective BAM donation with or without entering in the competition 
    • The collective BAM donation will be UnCommon Law, a local foundations that support police brutality reform and legal defenses for those who have been wronged
    • We will create a donate button for BAM to solicit donations
  3. Tech and/or social committees and/or an ad-hoc committee will coordinate further engagement opportunities, aiming for at least one notable event/engagement this quarter
    • Other members are invited to participate in ideation or carrying out various tasks 
    • Ideas could include BAM members as guest speakers to Black social clubs.  Team up with a social group from Oakland
    • We can demonstrate brewing; share tastings (maybe)
    • Please reach out to tech@bayareamashers.org if you would like to get involved!

We will attempt to judge the competition beers safely using at least one designated dropoff location. The drop-off for entries is at (1) OakBarrel, or (2) Ian Carswell’s home in Berkeley using his safe bottle swap system (place bottles in the right-hand bin within the wooden box on his porch).

The entries are due at the end of the quarter on December 31. Note: if you are dropping off 2 bottles for entry plus more for sharing with the bottle swap system, please clearly label the two entries for judging as separate from those up for grabs by the club!