2021 Clone Your Favorite Beer Challenge (SOQ4)

The basic idea is to clone a beer, compare against the original, adjust and brew again. This will culminate in a Q4 style of the quarter but the clone you submit should be at least your 2nd iteration of this beer.


  • Select a beer you love to drink, and that you are able to purchase commercially in your area.
  • Develop a recipe or find one online.
  • Make the beer. 
  • Buy a 6 pack of the original and compare side-by-side! Take notes on any differences you can identify between appearance, aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel. Take side-by-side photos. Ask your friends to comment.
  • Then, adjust your recipe or process accordingly.
  • Brew the beer a 2nd time.
  • Submit as an entry into Q4 Holiday Party SOQ

You can submit this beer as an entry to the Q4 holiday party SOQ – hopefully in person! Of course, you’ll have to be able to purchase another commercial example for comparison. Whether an in-person People’s Choice or remote judging, these beers will be judged as clones: how well they compare against the commercial example. BJCP Style 34A.