SOQ 2022 1st Quarter: Brown British Beer

Congrats to this quarter’s winners! This was a crowded set of styles at the World Cup of Beer, but these entries all scored really well (mid-30s).

1st place tie! Cameron Kopas (English Porter) and Sam Kopp (English Brown)
2nd place: Patrick Sosinski (English Porter)
3rd place: Sean Clinton (English Porter)


This style of the quarter will coincide with the 27th annual World Cup of Beer. To participate, brew any of the following styles and formally enter it into the World Cup of Beer by the deadline of Wednesday, March 9th. All entries of these styles with BAM indicated as the Homebrew Club on the entry label will automatically qualify for this SOQ. We will simply rank the subset of BAM entrants to generate our SOQ winners.

13A. Dark Mild
A dark, low-gravity, malt-focused British session ale readily suited to drinking in quantity. Refreshing, yet flavorful, with a wide range of dark malt or dark sugar expression.

13B. British Brown Ale
A malty, brown caramel-centric British ale without the roasted flavors of a Porter.

13C. English Porter
A moderate-strength brown beer with a restrained roasty character and bitterness. May have a range of roasted flavors, generally without burnt qualities, and often has a chocolate-caramel-malty profile.

Download the presentation for inspiration and recipes, and please plan ahead to meet the March 9 deadline!